Precise Systems offers staffing and recruiting that works to spearhead talent acquisition initiatives for IT, finance, creative, and administrative positions. Furthermore, we are experts in assessing your company’s’ recruitment needs, locating top recruitment personnel, building high performance talent acquisition teams, and creating effective recruitment strategies and processes.

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition is the process of identifying, attracting and onboarding skilled workers to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business goals and fulfill project requirements.

In the current economic environment, job availability and demand for talent has grown, but it has also grown increasingly difficult to fill those open roles, as many companies now find it challenging to attract qualified workers across various skills and sectors. A comprehensive talent acquisition strategy has rapidly shifted from a “should-have” to a “must-have.”

As a strategic function of an organization, Precise Systems encompasses talent procurement, forecasting, pipelining, assessment, and development. Leveraging tools, technology, and outsourcing resources are necessary for effective recruiting strategies to fill open positions quickly.

Our Strategy
An efficient talent acquisition strategy can help companies transform recruiting from a responsive, as-needed function to a strategic, proactive hiring process.

Precise Systems employs a well-rounded approach on how to recruit top talent, geared towards nurturing long-term relationships, proactively building applicant pipelines to meet current and future business needs, and creating a sustainable pool of talent for a diverse workforce. Our talent acquisition professionals are skilled in candidate sourcing strategies, talent assessment, and current compliance and hiring standards.