Precise offers custom enterprise software development services, software consulting, dedicated software development teams and mobile app development solutions for businesses. We understand finding the right software developer partner can make or break a project. Precise offers long-term success results ensuring that the market goals are defined up front, targeting the service based on your goals and driving customer relationships with careful planning and execution. Additionally, we provide the right DevOps tools and principles in place, so the task of building and sustaining any application is met with ease.

Having a deep understanding of your customer – who they are and how they engage helps you build marketing strategies which increase churn rates. Precise provides inbuilt analytics and/or integrates with existing SaaS based analytics solutions that can help you understand your customer behavior at every journey touch points.

We strive to help business owners like you, drive measurable growth by using software development solutions that empowers your business.

Software Development: Our services turn your key business requirements into dynamic software solutions, resulting in great customer experience, quantitative business decisions and seamless back-end technologies.

Custom Software Development: We work with numerous enterprise technologies to provide highly customized, scalable and integrated solutions.

Web App Development: We use the latest technologies and platforms to build agile web products with robust back end’s and Intuitive User Interfaces.

Testing & QA: Using a combination of manual and automated testing techniques, we ensure that your software works as intended.

Mobile App Development: Our engineers strive to provide custom mobile app development services across all major and specialized platforms to create the best business solution.

DevOps: We bring development and operations teams together to automate processes and accelerate project delivery.

Support & Maintenance: SLA based platform support with different maintenance plans to avoid any downtime, manage feature enhancements and maintenance of your app.